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Welcome to Nomadic Photos - travel photography by James Clark. Browse through thousands of travel photos from around the world.

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All photos on are free to use on websites and blogs. All that is required is a link back to

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Photos are also available for purchase if you require the original size version for printing, magazines, or your website. Nomadic Photos features a large library of stock travel photos of famous landmarks, buildings and well known sites of popular destinations around the world. Contact me to buy a photo.

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Directory of travel photo blogs, websites, and travel photographers.
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I'm a long-term traveller, blogger, and photographer from Australia. I have been running a location independent business while on the road since 2003. I edit a site on how to start a travel blog and a guide to living in Asia (where I spend most of the year).

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For enquiries please email nomadicphotos [at] gmail [dot] com

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